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Love is in the Heir (2004–2005)


For most parents who have wholeheartedly turned their garages into indie recording studios for their kids, meeting their child’s dreams with a cautious amount of support is key. It isn’t easy becoming a star in Los Angeles, but for London born Iranian Princess Ann Claire Van Shaick, there is nothing restrained about her family’s view on her ambition to become a country music superstar. With parents who disapprove of her new lifestyle, but still hope that that Ann Claire can forge her own path, a dreamer is given a final ultimatum. Ann’s father sets a deadline by which she must become a successful country music star. If she fails, she must agree to return to her family and enter into an arranged marriage or be cut off financially. With her destiny and family on the line, Ann’s dream must become reality, for the stakes far surpass any amount of money.

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