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Being: Mike Tyson (2013)

Fox Sports 1

Inside, outside, or after the ring, heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has always found himself embroiled in national debates. From a storied boxing career that included a resurgence after three years in prison, to living destitute and bankrupt, few legends have climbed the peaks or valleys that Tyson has. Even after a crushing defeat to Lennon Lewis that ended his career, Tyson kept fighting his way into the national consciousness.

BEING: MIKE TYSON portrays a man whose fame was shaped by an enigmatic personality that faced internal and external demons that few ever knew. A life filled with unusual circumstances, few could have imagined the turns that Mike Tyson has taken from brutal prize-winning fighter to a self-parodied pop culture icon now known by a new generation. This enlightening documentary illustrates Mike Tyson’s controversial career as a loathed and praised 20th century icon.

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