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30 for 30: Kings Ransom (2009)

ESPN Films

August 9, 1988: The NHL was forever changed with the single stroke of a pen. The Edmonton Oilers, fresh off their fourth Stanley Cup victory in five years, signed a deal that sent Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian national treasure and the greatest hockey player ever, to the Los Angeles Kings. As bewildered Oiler fans struggled to make sense of the unthinkable, fans in Los Angeles rushed to purchase season tickets. A largely overlooked franchise was suddenly playing to sellout crowds and standing ovations, and the NHL exploded from 21 teams to 30 in less than a decade.

Acclaimed director Peter Berg (creator, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) presents the captivating story of the trade that knocked the wind out of an entire country and placed a star-studded city right at the humble feet of a 27-year-old kid.

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