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30 for 30: Jordan Rides the Bus (2010)

ESPN Films

From the writer/director of BULL DURHAM, TIN CUP and COBB, Ron Shelton explores a story few remember and the truth of it that even fewer know. Hailing from the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan had morphed throughout the early 80’s from an all-star to cultural sensation. The first sports star to use marketing to its fullest, Jordan had transformed himself from a gifted player to the worldwide symbol for basketball.

It then shocked the world in fall of ’93, when Michael Jordan announced he was quitting basketball to begin a career in professional baseball. In his late father’s name Jordan persevered despite his critics, forming an unlikely kinship with his teammates, and transforming from jet-setting idol to an average struggling athlete. JORDAN RIDES THE BUS examines this fascinatingly tumultuous period in the life of the one of sport’s biggest stars.

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